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Take care your hair with BBill Hair Salon | Part 2

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It's refreshing to change your hair once and a while. We should get this out of the way first — you can’t stop artificial hair color from fading. Even if you use a professional, permanent hair dye (or are currently sporting natural hair), your colour will fade and become less and less vivacious the longer it lives on your scalp.

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Below are some tips to prevent your colored hair from quickly fading:
❖ Take lukewarm showers whenever possible.
❖ Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
❖ Wash your hair less often.
❖ Try a cuticle-sealing vinegar rinse.
❖ Stay out of the sun.
❖ Use styling products developed specifically for color-treated hair.
❖ On off days, use dry shampoo

Our experienced hairdressers will pay attention to each detail, so that every client can have a perfect hairstyle after visiting us!

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